The EYE Con Experience

Real science.

From day one students are doing real science – they discover the conservation issues, design questions, work with biologists to discern the best methods to investigate their questions, carry out the investigations in the field, learn to effectively analyze their results, and present to their peers and the professionals.

Real issues.

This is no cookie cutter lab. Research questions the students design are truly meaningful to conservation.  Students will study and analyze issues facing conservation and propose practical measures to solve problems. From tracking and eradicating invasive species, to discovering the best methods for prairie management – these investigations can have a real impact on how natural resources are protected and managed.

Real professionals.

Camp staff includes professional ecologists from the PA Natural Heritage Program of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, professional environmental educators from the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks, and professional land managers from Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Graduate and undergraduate students from local colleges and universities, including Slippery Rock University, Grove City College, will also lead activities.

Real fun.

While science is the focus, campers can also look forward to outings with fellow campers to explore the forests, streams, and lakes of northwestern Pennsylvania. Go kayaking, hiking, climbing, or relax in the shade – there’s plenty of fun at EYE Con! These recreational opportunities are provided at no additional cost!

A week in the life…

Day 1: Discovering the park and the issues, conducting a sample study, choosing a research focus

Day 2: Designing and starting investigations, recreational activity (such as kayaking)

Day 3: Conducting investigations, career and higher education activities, analyzing data

Day 4: Recreational activity (such as orienteering), preparing data and presentations, presenting findings to peers and professionals

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